Role models

We all have had role models at some point in our lives (correct me if I’m wrong). They inspire us, they drive us, they help us become better versions of ourselves.

Sometimes we meet somebody and they instantly become a role model for us, be it because of the way they carry themselves, what they have accomplished, what they believe in or a combination of many different factors. Part of you might wish to be a little bit more like them and a little bit less like you, even if ‘only’ in one specific domain. As long as you’re able to take something good out of it and add value to your own life this still seems like a healthy ambition. Things get dangerous when you try to become that person, for you will never be that person - you will always be you. So do yourself a favour and don’t engage in the mental comparison game, which, at best, is a no-win game.

Role model role model

The beautiful thing of role model relationships: They need not be one-way, but can indeed be two-way relationships, enriching both parties’ lives. That means that you can also be a role model for your role model, a role model role model, if you will. It makes perfect sense, for after all, every relationship between two humans is, by definition, a two-way one. However, realising this on a deeper level means that you should never give up on yourself and feel inferior. It also means that, unwittingly, we might already be role models. We tend to put our own skills and accomplishments in some dark corner of our mind and put the spotlight on those of other people. It’s good to be humble, but humility should not turn into self-loathing. Nobody is perfect, and we hardly ever know the full story of a person. Be proud in what you have achieved, be authentic, share your opinions and live your life with your head held high. Don’t waste your life trying to be somebody else or to please others, it’s far too short for that, and we only have the one.

Be your own role model.

Be yourself. Nobody else can.


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